Enzyme Laboratory

Established in 1959, the Enzyme Laboratory provides services for the diagnosis and monitoring of many inherited diseases, analysing both enzymes and metabolites. We are an NCG (National Commisioning Group) funded service for both lysosomal storage disorders and glycogen storage disorders. Working in conjunction with academic institutions and industry we strive to provide a world class service to the NHS, national and international centres. We also have active participation in research and method development, fulfilling our commitment to provide accredited services for the ever changing nature of health care.


For our external Health Care Providers you can now use nQuire to access results. 

nQuire is a browser based Portal for the review of results, reports and other patient data stored in the nQuire repository.


Opening Hours


9am to 5:30pm Mon to Fri


Contact details


Telephone : 0207 405 9200 ext 6751/1785

Fax: 0207 829 8624

Email: Gos-tr.ENZYME@NHS.NET


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