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The Haematology Department provides a wide range of specialist tests with a special interest in the diagnosis and monitoring of coagulation disorders.


Our skilled laboratory staff are linked to the wider Haematology clinical team within Great Ormond Street Hospital, ensuring that our analysis and diagnosis is supported by expert clinical advice. 


The department provides specialised investigations both to the hospital and to a number of other external health care providers.


The service comprises three laboratories:

Link - Haem   Link - Coag   Link Transfusion


 External health care providers can access results here:

 Link - Results Portal


Opening Hours


Routine hours  -   8am-8pm Monday to Friday

Specialist investigations are available 9am-5.30pm Monday to Friday with some particularly complex investigations requiring notice to the laboratory.


Out of hours

Biomedical scientists in the laboratory can be contacted via the hospital bleep system.

Haematology and Coagulation  

020 7405 9200   bleep 0596

Blood Transfusion                         

020 7405 9200   bleep 0590

The Haematology Specialist Registrar and Consultant are available for clinical advice via the hospital switchboard 020 7405 9200.


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