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The Blood Transfusion laboratory provides blood support for a wide variety of patients across the Trust. This includes both routine provision and more highly specialised components such as HLA matched platelets and granulocytes.


The hospital has a large number of bone marrow and stem cell transplant patients, many of whom require blood products over an extended period of time.


The department works in close association with the cardiac team, supporting both surgery and patients on cardiac assisted devices such as extra corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and Berlin heart.

We offer an antibody titre monitoring service for cardiac transplant, both within the hospital and to referrals from other centres.


We work closely with NHS Blood and Transplant, to whom we can refer samples for specialist testing and further investigation of serological problems.


External health care providers can access results here:

Link - Results Portal


Opening Hours


Routine hours

8am-8pm Monday to Friday


Out of hours

The biomedical scientist in the laboratory can be contacted via the hospital bleep system.

020 7405 9200   bleep 0590


The Haematology Specialist Registrar and Consultant are available for clinical advice via the hospital switchboard 020 7405 9200.

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