Bacterial and Fungal PCR


Our molecular bacteriology service aids in the diagnosis of bacterial infection by detecting bacterial DNA present in biological specimens or isolates.


Details of the assays we offer, suitable specimen types and expected turn-around times can be found in the Microbiology User Guide.


Samples must be accompanied by a completed Microbiology PCR Request Form.


Results are accessed via the Outreach Results Portal.



Broad range bacterial PCR is a powerful technique that can detect an extensive range of bacterial pathogens, however it has reduced sensitivity compared to targeted real-time PCR. For this reason our testing strategy combines broad-range and targeted bacterial PCRs to maximise the diagnosis of infection. Specimens for which broad-range bacterial PCR is requested will additionally be tested by relevant targeted PCR depending on specimen type and/or clinical history, including where available real-time PCR targeting the most common causative organisms. This combined approach benefits from the broad range nature of 16S rRNA gene PCR and the sensitivity of targeted real-time PCR; using them together increases the diagnostic yield for bacterial infections.



For queries please contact:

Technical queries (specimen and test selection, results interpretation):

Clinical Scientists: (Ext. 0437)       

                     (Ext. 5929)   


Clinical queries (clinical advice, results interpretation):    

Microbiology consultants: (Ext. 8661)

                                (Ext. 4583)


General queries (specimen receipt, availability of results):

Microbiology lab: 020 7829 8661 (ext 8661)

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