Translocation Detection by Reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). All tests are designed to amplify PCR products less than 200bp. Detects type 1and type 2.All tests are comlemented by amplification of a relevant housekeeping gene to test the quality of the RNA.

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Ewings sarcoma/ Primitive neuroectodermal tumour (PNET) is the second most common bone and soft tissue in children. It is characterised by an EWS-FLI1 fusion gene which is detected in approximately 85% of cases, 60% of these have the EWS-FLI1 type-1 transcript (exon 7 of EWS fused to exon 6 of FLI1) and 25% have the EWS-FLI1 type-2 transcript (exon 7 of EWS fused to exons 5 of FLI1).

Sending address

Paediatric Malignancy Unit Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children Level 2, Camelia Botnar Laboratories Great Ormond Street London WC1N 3JH

Laboratory service

Paediatric Malignancy Unit

Sample requirements

Fresh, frozen or FFPE tissue. If sending FFPE rolled tissue sections please send the equivalent of 80 uM of tissue.

Reference range

Not applicable

Turnaround time

3-5 working days

Disease / group

Ewings Sarcoma/ Primitive neuroectodermal tumour (PNET)


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